Farm better with Farmbucks

At Farmbucks, we believe that there had to be a new, better and faster
way to compare grain and oilseed prices.

So we built it.

Where grain prices come together

Farmbucks offers farmers a one-stop-shop for grain prices. Working together with reputable buyers in the industry, we collect, sort and display the best prices for farmers according to their location and grades.

Today we are the only Western Canadian app that provides this essential service. By leveraging our core values we continue to identify new ways to serve our customers and transform the agricultural industry.

Founded on a farmer's dream

Farmbucks came to life after many days were spent searching grain prices in the wintery northern part of Alberta, Canada. Its concept originated out of necessity for our founder Lynn Dargis.

Being a farmer herself, Lynn set out to create a site that would help her quickly identify grain pricing opportunities in her area so she could have more time chasing after her 3 young kids and husband!

Lynn’s story

Hi there! My name is Lynn Dargis. I am a farmer, mother, and entrepreneur. AKA The Boss. You can find me checking crops, operating combines, driving semis, filing paperwork or feeding kids. I do it all! Life is busy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I was born and raised on my family's mixed farm in north-eastern AB. I am the second eldest of five girls and as such I grew up doing what every farmer does: pick rocks, care for animals, run tractors, fix machinery, etc. My parents had no other choice but to train us all how to complete tasks that "boys" would otherwise normally carry out on the farm. My loving parents were huge ag advocates and taught us the importance of hard work and family.

I went on to graduate with a diploma in Agriculture Production and Management from Olds College in 2006 and afterwards moved back home to work alongside my parents. Tragically they passed away in the fall of 2007, when I was only 20 years old. No one saw this coming. In the emotional weeks that followed, I decided that I would continue their legacy and acquire the farming operation. From downsizing to upsizing, custom feeding to owning (cattle), leasing to buying, I have gained loads of knowledge and experience over the years. Today, I currently own and operate a 4200 acre grain farm with my husband and 3 beautiful, young, rambunctious children.

I have a passion for creating and developing new ideas that will improve efficiencies and knowledge in the ag industry. My goal is to provide easily accessible grain pricing information, facilitate relationships between buyers and sellers and provide useful information. I am thrilled to introduce to you, my new baby,


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